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Professional in Consulting and Investment

Digging at Construction Site

As a leading Construction Company in QLD, we know what exceptional and reliable service means. We’re committed to providing clients with a wide range of options, all with guaranteed quality and precision. 

Power Pole Repair

We come up with innovative engineering solutions across a variety of industries. Our advanced engineering services, including Electrical System Testing, Power Plant Operation and Electrical System Design, are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results. 


Staying on top of different processes can be daunting in agriculture, but our expert is here to make farmers’ lives a whole lot easier. Discover the benefits of quickly and efficiently taking control of your production with us.

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Pre Development Evaluation

AZCIG gets idea from client and provide project feasibility studies, bank and loan advisory before we help clients plan the Development Approval (DA). Also assisting in council and design team meetings.

Pre Construction Design

AZCIG does the project brief, quantity surveying with detailed budget estimates, initial bank reporting, construction schedule, project requirements, contract preparing and other documentation for legal and government lodgement.

Construction and Management

AZCIG monitors the construction program by contracts administration, making the project adherence contract documents. Including site inspections and meetings, assessing builders or subcontractors claims, coordinating with authorities and complying with legislation requirements.

Infrastructure Construction

Landscape Construction

AZCIG is proud of our experts and teams who have rich experience. We are experienced in infrastructure, school, aged care and hospital construction.

AZCIG specialises in creating picnic shelters ponds, walkways, riverwalks, boardwalks and nature reserves that attract visitors. Lighting and signage are also part of our service.

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Power Engineering

Pre Development Evaluation

Pre-development evaluation in power engineering assesses resource availability, environmental impact, technical feasibility, economic viability, regulatory compliance, and social engagement to ensure project success and sustainability.

Pre Construction Design

"Pre-construction design" is the planning and design phase of a construction project where architectural, engineering, and specification details are worked out before actual construction begins.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is sustainable power generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind, and water. It's eco-friendly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and plays a vital role in addressing climate change and energy sustainability.

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Farm Management

AZCIG help farmers achieve maximum economic returns. Services include overall farm planning and budget calculation and agricultural economics advice. Such as breeding programs,  production improvement, selection and combination of varieties fertilization strategies, weed and disease control strategies, pesticide and fertilizer plans, input demand and cost management analysis, etc.

Cattle Technology

AZCIG have a diverse knowledge of farmland management to maximize the benefits and sustainability of the development. Also familiar with each stage of the beef supply chain to ensure quality and effective management, Continue to increase the efficiency of operations, improve animal health and welfare,  improve the production, and meat quality.

Animal Nutrition

AZCIG animal nutrition consultants are well prepared fast-growing demand in animal protein, providing a variety of professional and consulting services to help optimize agriculture production, including feed management, storage, feeding strategies, and nutrition evaluation.

Precision Agricultural

AZCIG aims to improve farm profitability through new technologies, precision agriculture, such as satellite imaging, drones, information technology and geospatial tools. With services such as vegetation mapping and project monitoring using custom software packages and digital imaging, our precision agriculture experts can help farmers improve efficiency and farm management.

Agricultural Research

AZCIG collaborate with other research institutes and research centres. Partnerships established in land and farm management, livestock production, crop and forage production, fisheries science, forestry science, horticultural production and veterinary sciences.Making great contributions to scientific research in the fields of agriculture and food science.

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