How to combine work and study

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Sometimes it seems that some people available 24 hours a day, and for at least 48. Actually, of course, they have exactly the same time resource, as with everything, time and several times more only due to proper time management. Today we asked a student at the Moscow pharmaceutical College “New knowledge”, successfully combining work and study part-time, tips on training and working time.

– Christina, now you have a second specialty?

Yes, pharmacy is my second career. The first education I am a pediatrician. After several years I realized that I wanted to specialize in pharmacy, this to me seems more interesting and promising. But, as now to a specialty pharmacist in absentia impossible, but in person I can not learn, so I chose a College “New knowledge”, where the timetable is drawn up individually. But to combine work and study proved to be very difficult – even if you can make a convenient schedule and do everything, by evening, it turns out that we had to schedule time to rest, without which life, as we know, will not work.

– How did you manage to solve this problem?

– First of all I decided to stop fussing. Trying to do we forget about why we all really started for himself, his satisfaction with life and work, for their interest in the outside world. So I tried to calm down, make a to do list for the coming month (it is better not to plan anything for a year or two – circumstances will change anyway) and look at the list sober look.

– What did you see?

– It’s impossible. It is impossible to work a full day every day, and then, in the legal weekend, spend all the time in College. That is, it turned out that I had time to work and to learn, but absolutely no time to do any other things. For the first month of combining work and study, my apartment was plunged into chaos, and her husband, though supportive of my initiative to get a new profession, as something significantly thinner.

In this case the most logical solution would be to throw one thing, or work, or study.

– In any case. Moments of weakness happen at all. We need to wait, and then again to conduct a thorough audit of needs and opportunities. For example, don’t hastily abandon your goal – get a new specialization. You’ve done a great job, enrolled in the selected school, started studying, took a few steps toward his dream. Was it all in vain? Of course not! From the study do not refuse – resolved. Now work – it is also impossible to refuse, because, first, feeds us, and secondly, we also love her and don’t want to lose.

– The situation seems to be deadlock – neither of which you can not refuse!

– Actually no, this is not a dead end. It is possible and necessary to transform goals if you feel overwhelmed. For example, you have a goal – to become, say, a lawyer. If you have the opportunity – go on-campus and give themselves up to obtaining the desired education. If this is not possible, choose the version part-time or evening education.

But remember that if you 5 days a week after work going to go to a lecture at the Institute you will most likely no longer cope with the tasks, and work and study will become ineffective.

Rate your strength in advance, or subsequently, if necessary, make a reassessment. If you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself the question: do I have to work 5 days a week, or you can find a place with less employment? Do I have to study for straight a’s and aim for the red diploma, then as knowledge is not determined by the estimates, and amount of knowledge?

– So, you just need to reduce the load, not refusing anything?

– Not quite. Something will have to give. For example, working less, you will finally, sleep on it, but have not set aside money for vacation this year. Or, abandoning the desire for the red diploma, you will be less to worry about ratings and will save a lot of nerve cells, but don’t get the “crust” of the treasured color. It is always a choice between good and good, so it is never easy.

– From what has abandoned you?

From money for a vacation (laughs)! I decided to reduce the number of working hours. Now I only work 3 days a week 2 days a week I attend lectures in College and 2 days devote to home, family and his beloved.

– What is your typical day like?

– Working day looks like at all: I work from 9 to 6, at lunchtime trying to work out, read special literature to seminars and practical classes in College. Often in the evenings, doing written work, but try to allocate time to devote to study in the evenings, not more than an hour a day. School day I spend in College, and after studying try to relax and do something pleasant: after many hours of hard brain work, he should give an opportunity to rest. You can walk, catch a movie, soak in the bath or just to go to bed early.

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